Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Looking for a carrier switch or to advance your marketing skills?

Introduction to digital marketing : Digital marketing has been around long enough to leave a legacy of its own.
The evolution of digital marketing came in force with advent of computer and internet. Following this came a second wave the mobile age, which we have been living in for the past few years, the mobile age has given us the freedom to access to information when and where we need.
Now we are entering the third wave, smart, wearable technology. And so has internet changed the way people buy. Before making a purchase, 81% of the shopper now conduct research online. Hence for most businesses having a solid online presence is a must. But this means so much more than just having a website.

So if you are looking for a career in digital marketing the scope is tremendous and rewarding as well. But do not know where to start? You can starting learning all about digital marketing from digital marketing training institute techstack in delhi.

I ( Manoj singh Rathore ) have been a successful B.Tech technocrat but despite a successful career in the technology industry, I wanted to try something new, challenging and in demand and so I chose digital marketing and now successfully running my own digital marketing company and institute to impart quality training for working professionals and for those who are looking for a career switch.

So if you are wondering what a digital marketing job scope look like then. The answer key will be that modern and future businesses will be customer centric, data driven and digital savvy. And that has inspired me to impart my practiced skills to others.

Scope of future digital marketers
Digital marketing is one of the least defined roles in the industry but it is a call all for digital advertising, demand generation, search optimization, website management, content writing , analytics and e-commerce lately. This causes an individual contributor forced to do everything to burn out quickly.

Thus I would rather say that scope for a fresh trained or experienced marketer who wants to upgrade their marketing skills could have the following potential domains.                                                                             
1.Performance marketing leader who manages search, CRM and demand generation.
2.Digitial (advertising) manager who manage ads and run campaigns.
3.Content and social marketers who engage with online communities and create the right content for target audience.
4.Website managers, data analysts and e-commerce experts.
Looking at the above mentioned para-meters what advise I will give to someone who wants to get a digital marketing job?
I will offer three tips for getting a right job into digital marketing. Even if you have no background in marketing. Then, first have a firm grasp of marketing fundamentals, getting a university degree in marketing give you this. There are great resources available online also. The goal is to use this marketing knowledge to know your potential customers and how they behave( in real and online world).This customer understanding will give you insight into digital channels and tools you can use to engage or sell to them and more importantly, how digital fits into broardermarketing prospective activites.

My second tip is to walk the talk. Create social media profiles across as many platforms as you can manage (facebook,linkedin, twitter etc) and use these platforms for creating and seeding content that needs to be focused. This will demonstrate that you have at-least a personal understanding of social and content.

You will also need to “be the consumer” How?

You will need the know-how about how the customer behaves online. Use e-commerce sites.Signup for e-newsletters.

My last tip is to create something you can showcase. As creativity plays a major role in digital marketing. It is tough hiring someone with no experience. But it is a lot easier if you have created your own personal e–commerce site and are using digital marketing tactics to generate revenue.

Lastly, I would like to conclude that as I have trained students from universities, professional from corporate world and even people from outside my own country that if you decide to join my institute I can guarantee that you will be able to practice those marketing activities that are efficient and can save your company a lot of money with a focus on growth, increasing revenue and market share then you will be in the best position to get promoted.